Planning The Perfect Marriage Proposal

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Planning an engagement even in Connecticut can be a stressful. After all, it’s one of the most important moments in your adventure together. Whether you’re just starting to consider popping the big question or you already have the one ring to rule them all stashed away, here are my 7 tips for planning an unforgettable Connecticut proposal.

A proposal is a one-in-a-lifetime moment. Don’t regret not capturing the beginning of your adventure together. Reach out to me today and be the hero your partner already knows you are!

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Plan Out Your Proposal

Don’t fly by the seat of your pants! While indeed a spontaneous proposal can be super romantic, it can also come off as half-assed or rushed. Your partner deserves to feel swept off their feet! I’m not saying just go to a location and immediately drop to a knee when you arrive. Bring out that ring when you feel you need to, but be sure to put some thought into how you’ll pop the question and what you’ll say.

Discuss The Proposal

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Wait…I thought the engagement has be a surprise? Let me explain. It’s important to know key things about your partner before deciding when, where, and how to propose to them.

You need to know what your partner prefers for a proposal. Are they down with a public proposal where strangers could be watching, or are the sounds of displaying public affection send them running to the hills? Would your partner appreciate being proposed to in front of their family and friends, or is an intimate proposal with just the two of you more their speed?

If you haven’t been pulling a fast one by jokingly talking about these things, now might be a good time to cast that line. You don’t have to be obvious with your intentions. For instance, pull up a Reel of a crazy, over-the-top, highly overproduced proposal and unsuspiciously ask them what they think of it. You’ll find out quickly the vibe your partner gives off watching it.

Be Meaningful With Your Proposal

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Listen, no one grows up planning their engagement. If you did, more power to ya. Even if you’re not a hopeless romantic, now is the time to tap into that inner Sinatra. Here are some ideas to get those unique, personalized details flowing for your big Connecticut engagement.

Consider special locations

Consider special locations from your relationship. The restaurant you ate at on your first date, the place you shared your first kiss, or even the destination of your first vacation together. All these places have meaning.

Think of your favorites

Think of your favorites things as a couple. Movies, songs, books, or even a shared interest like Star Wars. Having a lightsaber battle, then dropping to a knee when your partner is about to strike you down would be pretty cool…just saying.

Bring the pets!

Get those fur-babies involved! Having your dog or cat present the ring or be present for the proposal can be super awesome and meaningful.

Take a getaway

Take a trip the both of you always dreamed of taking together and plan your engagement there.

Plan an epic date night

Plan a date night with a photo shoot and then pop the question during the shoot! If you are into escape rooms, then do one, and in the last room have a photographer waiting in there to capture the moment! This works 99% of the time. The other 1%, well your partner is probably a wizard and can see into the future.

Bring your friends

Have your friends and family partake in the engagement. If you know your partner would be okay with this, think of popping the question at a family event when they will most likely least expect it.

Go on a hike

Do the both of you enjoy going on hikes? If so, pop the question while at the top of your favorite view during sunset or sunrise.

Capture The Moment

Consider hiring a professional photographer to “covertly” take photos of your proposal. They can capture all those fleeting emotions when you propose. You’ll be glad to have these photos to share with friends and family when you’re ready to announce your news. You can even turn the proposal into an on-the-spot engagement session with your photographer. Some, like myself, cough…cough…even offer wedding collections that combine a proposal, engagement, wedding, and honeymoon all together to document your entire story!

Want that secret relationship triumph unlocked? Surprise them with photos! Reach out to me now to capture this amazing moment for the two of you.

Reach out to me!

Have A Backup Plan

Like every good plan, it can do off the rails quickly. Don’t let your perfect Connecticut engagement plans get crushed by bad weather, traffic, or any other circumstance. Have a backup plan ready to go just in case. On second thought, backup that backup plan just to be sure.

If you’re planning for an outdoor proposal, keep a few indoor locations around that same area in mind on the chance that the weather decides not to play nice. On that, if you don’t mind the rain, bring an umbrella. Have a plan for those little inconveniences that may pop up too, like your being delayed by traffic, errands that ran late, or even arriving earlier than you’d expected.

If you’re going to the fullest of sends on an unforgettable engagement, you may need to prepare yourself mentally for the possibility of postponing or rescheduling if some pesky gremlins ruin your plans. Be prepared to reschedule or completely reimagine your engagement if you truly want to find the perfect moment and exceed your partner’s wildest expectations!

Let The Feelings Flow

Photo by: Ladman Studios

You’ve arrived at your location, you distract your partner as you drop to one knee, the moment is here — now is the time to channel that inner Sinatra and speak from your heart before asking the big question. Don’t recite something you’ve memorized or just deliver an un-personalized “Will you marry me?” with zero emotional buildup. It’s great to have a plan, but don’t turn that plan into a script. You both want the proposal to be special and unique to your relationship. Really think about why you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner and incorporate those reasons into your moment.

Live In Your Moment

Listen, at the end of the day, having the “perfect” engagement isn’t the deal breaker. Without question, the best engagements are the ones that are deeply personal to the couple. If something goes wrong and your plans aren’t to the exact T, just laugh it off. Hell, it’ll be a great story to tell later. You and your partner will be beaming with joy if you’re simply just there in the moment together and focused on your love and passion for one other. Chillax, take a deep breath, and just remember that this is the start of an amazing adventure with your best friend!

They Said Yes…Now What?

The is ring on and you’ve popped that champagne cork, congratulations!! You’ve got a wedding to plan! Hello there…I’m Thaddeus and I’d love to be a part of your extraordinary adventure together. If you want your genuine and unique moments to feel and look like you, contact me today! Don’t let this important moment in your life be missed. Fill out my contact form below and I’d love to hear from you and discover what you’re cooking up!

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