You May Experience The Following

you may Experience the following

If you're ready to LIVE your wedding and look back at epic AF moments , then reach out to me. Together let's team up and create some wedding wizardry that'll leave you stoked beyond belief!

A sigh of relief better than slipping into your favorite leggings.

Finding a fellow extraverted nerd who gets you, your needs, & wants.

Being treated like a human and not some random paycheck with legs.

Enjoying your wedding and soaking in the moments with the ones you love most.

Receive photos that let you remember how your wedding felt not just looked.

Assured that your memories are on an absurdly redundant backup system.

Now own an heirloom album that James Earl Jones would want to narrate!

the ladman studios Experience

You've checked out my website and you are ready to click things up a notch. Let's have a quick chat and see if i am the photographer for you. Fill out my contact form and I'll be in touch shortly.

reach out 

Let's grab a coffee or connect over Zoom so we can chat about all the good stuff. I'll go over my process and full pricing info.

But the best part?

Together we dive into your story, your history, and your passions to discover what moments matter to you the most.

This is the MOST important part. I lean about you both as individuals and a couple to truly capture your personalities and story.

coffee & craft

I never liked how "engagement photos" sounded. Sounds expected, overly posed, & promy. Instead, this session is driven by a meaningful activity.

Think hiking, star gazing, going to a carnival, hit an arcade, cooking together, axe throwing, or grabbing a beer at your favorite pub.

This will be a 100% unique to your experience.

Off-Grid Sessions

Your wedding day is going to be epic!

Together, we will build a custom timeline that captures all the important moments and details that matter to you most.

You'll have the peace of mind knowing you can focus on making memories that will last a lifetime.

No need to stress or worry. So sit back, relax, and let me guide you through your perfect wedding day.

the road map

The day has arrived!

After all the planning, prepping, and way too many cups of coffee (or booze), your day is finally here.

It's time to capture your story with intention and focus on all the things that make your wedding, YOUR WEDDING!

Get ready for a day full of laughter, joy, and unforgettable memories.

wedding day

It's the moment you've been waiting for - the premiere of your wedding photos!

After ten weeks of intense editing and curation, we'll meet at my studio, where you can grab your favorite refreshments and I'll unveil your album design that tells a story better than if James Earl Jones was narrating it to you!

With no distractions, you'll have the chance to see, relive, and hold your photographs for the first time, feeling every emotion captured in Them.

We even finalize your album design and order it that day.

premiere Celebration

it's not just one day. it's your story.

it's not just one day. it's your story.

Every couple is different. This experience can be customized from here to fit your specific needs and wants. More intimate wedding collections available too!

It starts with 8 hours of documenting your story and using authentic artistry to capture the vibe.

I want you to LIVE your wedding, not just have one. So you get my timeline guidance and recommendations acting as your backstage pass to top-notch vendors and streamlined planning.

It's not about handing over digital files and calling it a day. You will receive a personalized, museum-grade Wedding Album, ensuring your story is protected and lives on for generations.

Once your photos have been edited, retouched, and artwork designed, join me for your premiere celebration at my home, where you will relive and hold your moments as we finalize your album and artwork.

this experience starts at $4700

I don't just want to hear your story; I want to soak it in, vibe with it, and ensure your wedding day is just like you live it.

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