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For couples who


connecticut wedding photography

Does this sound like you?

Wildly in love, fun, & laid back

Embrace creativity

Want to LIVE your wedding day

Tired of "Basic" wedding photos

If any of this hits home with you, then i'm probably the photographer for you!

Your tattooed coffee connoisseur and Wookiee linguist with a set of chops that make Wolverine cry.

Your wedding only happens once and it deserves to be photographed in a way that treats it as such.

Do you want wedding photos that scream who you are? Do you want moments that are natural, one-of-a-kind, and insanely fun?

If you’re nodding along with me, then we need to talk!

Hello there, I'm TJ.

award winning connecticut wedding Photographer

The experience you have been looking for!

TBH, I'm not a photo-factory doing 100+ weddings a year and forgetting your name after your wedding.

Right off the rip, I want to learn who you are as a couple, discover your story, and invest in your history.

Why? Because this is what will guide me on your wedding day.

We dive into meaningful conversations that build a genuine connection, allowing me to capture those moments that mean the most to you worry free.

This is the Connecticut wedding photography experience you've been searching for - No Jedi mind trick needed!

an amazing EXPERIENCE from a funny, laid-back, & CARASMATIC ct wedding photographer? 

Portraits bring the fun but moments are EVERYTHING!

Creative portraits are super cool and I love creating them for my couples, but it's the moments that truly matter.

Your wedding photos need to go beyond the predictable. They should tell your story filled with the spontaneous & awesome chaos that makes your wedding YOURS!

See how my Connecticut wedding photography can capture your story. 

"Everyone at our wedding is still talking about you and how they couldn't believe you were sliding down the dance floor to get every possible angle. We could not have imagined a better photographer to capture our day!" - Liz & Tony

style & philosophy

That quote is how I believe you should live your life. Your wedding day should be no exception to this.

As your Connecticut wedding photographer, my approach can be described as creative documentary. Basically, I photograph how the moment feels as it's happening, in the action with intention. I do this because I do not want to alter a moment that would have happened. Think of it like not disturbing the space time continuum around your wedding.

This gives you permission to live in every moment that happens. From getting ready, to seeing each other for the first time, and everything in-between. Just kick back, slow it down, and enjoy it while I take care of the rest.

When moments do call for a more hands-on approach, such as portraits and family photos, this is the only part of the day in which I will be more hands on with a directed approach. I will have you in a more posed situation, but then ask meaningful questions and fun prompts that will help you feel less awkward and more yourselves. 

"No one leaves here alive. So please stop treating yourself as an afterthought. Eat delicious food. Walk in the sun. Jump into the sea. Speak the truth that you carry in your heart like a hidden treasure. Be silly. Be good. Be weird. There is no time for anything else." -  Anthony Hopkins

print isn't dead

While social media allows us to share moments in an instant, it sucks at preserving.

Albums and prints are more than a collection of photos. They are the ONLY distraction-free portal back to your moments.

Your story, hell...your LIFE for that matter, deserves to be preserved in the best way possible.

Because when the time comes, and it will, you will have these amazing moments when you need them the most. 

When Should I Book my wedding Photographer?

After you secure your wedding venue, you should be looking to book your Connecticut wedding photographer.

A wedding photographer is the most important investment for your wedding and they fill their calendars FAST!

So I recommend between 9-12 months prior to your wedding is when you should be looking to find your ideal wedding photographer.

After you secure your wedding venue, you should be looking to book your Connecticut wedding photographer. A wedding photographer is the most important investment for your wedding and they fill their calendars FAST! So I recommend between 9-12 months prior to your wedding is when you should be looking to find your ideal wedding photographer.

I bet you have more questions. Guess what? I can answer all your questions on a quick call. 

talk to me goose!

Forget long impersonal forms! Shoot me a message about your favorite games, hangouts, or adventures. Next, we'll jump on a call or video to learn all about you and your wedding to see if we vibe. As a heads up, I only book 25 weddings a year. So let’s connect soon!

Messages & Calls after 8pm will be responded to next day.


Weddings Start At $4700

Your next steps? Reach Out!

Your next steps
Reach Out!

Send me a text or email and if I am available we jump on a call to see my Connecticut wedding photography is right for you.

CT wedding photography Resources

Planning your wedding can be a time. Listed below are helpful resources I have created to get you started. I can also answer any questions you might have, by simply contacting me.

the expert guide to finding your ideal wedding photographer

how much does a wedding photographer cost?

when to book your wedding photographer

how many hours of wedding photography do you need?

where does Ladman Studios photograph?

Although I am a Connecticut wedding photographer, I do also travel! I photograph weddings all over the northeast to include, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, & New Jersey

CT wedding photography FAQs

How many photos do we get?

I deliver quality over quantity. On average expect 700+ photos.

Can we request special shots?

Absolutely! I would love to create something awesome and meaningful together.

Are you Insured?

100%, like American Express, I don't leave home without it. 

Do you provide partial day coverage?

I typically do not provide partial day coverage as my photography is focused around the narrative of a full day.

What is your photography style?

I shoot both documentary ( Candid ) and with intention ( Guided/Posed ).

Do you use flash photography?

Yes, and often. That said, I take into consideration the available light first and then add flash when needed. 

Do you retouch your photos?

When editing, I add my color grade and make any needed adjustments. I do not do any body morphing or alterations to people. 

Do you use a second photographer?

yes, my team consists of myself, my assistant, and my second photographer.

I bet you have more questions. Guess, what? I can answer them!

Do you offer videography?

Have you ever tried to eat a salad with a spork? I like to do one thing really well and excel at it. For me that is photography. 

Do you offer drone photography?

No, not at this time.