The powder of love at the Alrin POW WOW Bird Mural

Forget everything you know about engagement photos. Gone are the days of posed, predictable photos because Robb and Jenni are rewriting the playbook with their explosion of colors at Worcester’s iconic Alrin POW WOW Bird mural. Welcome to what I call an OG Sessions—where love gets real and color gets wild!

The Setting

Worcester lies a masterpiece that’s as bold and spirited as the couple themselves. The Alrin POW WOW Bird mural isn’t just a backdrop; it’s a statement. Robb and Jenni picked this spot for its blast of creativity, matching the explosion of joy in their upcoming wedding.

The Activity

Instead of traditional props, Robb and Jenni wanted something unique—color powder. You can find this on Amazon if you search for Holi Powder or Color powder packs. Why settle for confetti when you can throw color powder? As each handful of powder took to the air, it wasn’t just about the brilliant clouds of pink, blue, and yellow—it was a celebration of every little quirk that stitched their story together.

Color powder Tips

Thinking of bringing some color to your session? Embrace the mess. Play, dance, and throw color powder to your heart’s’ content. Just have fun and go wild with it. Get extra bags. You go through them QUICK! And have a friend come with you to help toss some powder your way.

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